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Introducing our newest basket creation for the Beer Geek.  Deschutes Gift Baskets is expanding into Rare Beer Gift Basket designs which will feature beers that are hard to find or found in specialty bottle shops.  Your beer gift will become a new experience for the beer enthusiast who enjoys trying new beers.  Modern Times Dankness Beer Sampler. Here is an introduction to Modern Times philosophy... More >

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Our signature beer gift baskets have gained popularity over the past two years.  Our beer gift baskets are purchased for birthdays, client appreciation, get well, holidays and special occasions.  We have just added five new beer basket designs.

Wee Bit O' Spring Microbrew Celebration Basket

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The Real Estate Industry has experienced some growth in the last couple of years and real estate professionals may need a reliable gift source to help their client appreciation needs. Deschutes Gift Baskets offers a large variety of gift baskets featuring wide range of Northwest gourmet products, NW craft beers and great wines at affordable prices.  Click... More >