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Corporate Holiday order

Here at Deschutes Gift Baskets we have the opportunity to designing gift baskets for businesses for 20 years now.  You can feel confident in us handling your corporate orders for your business.   Over the years we have developed and perfected a process that has work well for handling larger orders.  We choose to handle large orders up to about 100 units and under to best serve our business clients during the holiday season and to not over extend our capabilities to fulfill your holiday order in a timely manner.

Our process:

  1.  Choose your basket design or have us design a custom gift design for you.
  2.  Do you want to include your promotional products into a design?  We only suggest 3 items at the most.  We do not sell promotional products, but have companies that we can refer if you need a resource.  
  3. Once you have decided on your basket design or approved a custom design.   We need know how many baskets we will be designing for your company.
  4. Send your contact list on excel spread sheet addresses and message to
  5. Once we have the total count for baskets and shipping rate for each basket which will vary by state.  We will require a 50% deposit to secure your inventory for your project and require the remaining balance to be paid the day your baskets our shipped.
  6. We will send fedex tracking numbers for each basket shipped. 
  7. Large orders do require more time to process so please allow 2-3 weeks to process orders.
  8. We can handle smaller orders of 20 or less in shorter time period just depends on how custom your order will be.  Feel free to reach out us and ask any questions you may have.  

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