Popular Oregon Beer Gift Baskets

The Oregon craft beer market is booming these days and since Deschutes Gift Baskets operates in Bend, Oregon where we have 20 breweries to work with, that means we have a great selection of local beers to choose from.  Deschutes Gift Baskets started designing beer gift baskets, also know as “beer bouquet”, back in 2012.

Deschutes Craft Beer Sampler was our first beer basket design and has become one of our top sellers.  This basket includes 7 different Deschutes Brewery beers, 2 seasonal beers, gourmet pretzels, tiramisu wafer cookies and cheddar corn sticks.   Deschutes Craft Beer Sampler is local and a national favorite for birthdays, holidays, get-well and even for anniversaries.

Another Favorite is our Oregon IPA Sampler.   Over the last couple of years India Pale Beers has really become a fan favorite at our local breweries here in Central Oregon.   We designed an our Oregon IPA basket featuring 8 IPA beers made in Oregon.  This gift basket features 2 beers from Deschutes Brewery, 2 beers from 10 Barrel, Ninkasi, Cascade Lakes Brewing Co., Worthy Brewing, Widmer Brothers , Beer Brittle, Savory Snack Mix and Tiramisu Cookies.

Microbrew Extravaganza is our largest beer gift basket that we offer.  The basket features 12 different beers from Oregon.  5 Beers from Deschutes Brewery, 2 beers from 10 Barrel, 2 beers, Cascade Lakes, 1 from Worthy, 1 from Ninkasi and 1 from Widmer Brewing.   Food items included are Garlic Dill Pretzels, Cheddar Corn Stick, Smoked Almonds, Tequila Lime Peanuts, Tiramisu wafer cookies, Bacon Dip and Truffle Cookies.

Visit Deschutesgiftbaskets.com for states that we ship to.


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