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Oregon IPA Sampler – Gift#1037

Gift basket filled with 8 Oregon Indian Pale Ales with an assortment of snacks.

We're prohibited to ship Beer & Wine Baskets to:

- Alaska                  - Mississippi
- Arkansas              - New Jersey
- Delaware             - Oklahoma
- Florida                 - Pennsylvania
- Hawaii                 - South Carolina
- Indiana                - South Dakota
- Kansas                - Tennessee
- Kentucky             - Utah
- Maine                  - Vermont
- Maryland            - Virginia
- Massachusetts   - West Virginia

This basket includes:

  • Tiramisu Wafer Cookies
  • Tavalore Savory Snack Mix
  • Honey Mustard Pretzels
  • Cascade Lakes Brewing (OR) |Hop Smack IPA 12oz. Bottle
  • Deschutes Brewery (OR) |Sage Fight Imperial IPA 12oz. Bottle
  • Rogue Brewing (OR) | Brutal IPA 12oz. Bottle
  • Pelican Brewing Co. (OR) |Umbrella New World IPA 12oz. Bottle
  • Stumptown Brewing (OR) |Candy Peel IPA 12oz. Bottle
  • Terminal Gravity Brewing (OR) | Terminal Gravity IPA 12oz. Bottle
  • Worthy Brewing Co.. (OR) | Worthy IPA 12oz. Bottle
  • Widmere Brewing Co. (OR) |Upheaval IPA 12oz. Bottle
  • Designed in recyclable printed theme basket box
  • Wrapped in Cellophane with handmade bow


Price: $64.95

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