DESCHUTES gift baskets

Real Estate Gifting Program

Welcome…  If you’re in the real estate business, you are going to love our real estate gifting program!  We want to become an extension of your marketing team.  Our goal is to make you look great and make your business life easier.  Let’s get started.  

  • Customization:  We create gifts with your clients in mind.  We design gift baskets to meet your needs of your budget, special request and add your special inventory to your basket
  • Branding:  We include your branded items in your gift basket and work with ribbon to match your company colors.
  • Pop-by Gifts (mini gifts):  We design unique gifts you can give out monthly for referrals, past client touches, referral partners, potential new customers and networking events.  Personalized to your business.
  • You can even have a private page on our website with the gifts we’ve designed for you for easy reordering.

For regular tips, promotions and ideas, join our Realtor Gifting Group on Facebook located here: Central Oregon Real Estate Gifting Service.

We offer a variety of gifting services to help you say thank you and market your company including:










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